Meditation is described as a mental discipline of setting the mind to its deeper state of relaxation. Its root word, meditate is derived from the Latin word “meditatum”, meaning to think or to ponder. The practice of meditation has been recorded as dating back to older civilizations. At this time meditation is still being practiced either solely or as part of a practice or belief such as in yoga discipline.

In meditation, various postures are used such as the sitting, supine, and standing postures, however the widely used ones are the Burmese, full-lotus, half-lotus, and the Egyptian postures. During meditation, the eyes can be half-closed or half-open and slightly looking down. In inducing a meditative state, people meditating often perform humming, deep breathing, or chanting.

In each pages below, we try to deeply decribe the most important aspects of meditation:

Meditation For Beginners

Individuals performing meditation for the first time can follow these three simple steps in order to achieve success in meditation. First is to look for a proper place to start the meditation. The place has to be quiet and free from any type of noise to be able to concentrate.
Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is increasingly being recommended by health care professionals, such as doctors, to patients suffering from stress-related illnesses. As proven by the many followers of this discipline, it helps lower blood pressure and heart beat rate, and also helps reduce work load of the heart.
Buddhist Meditation

People can choose to do any of the several types of meditation. One of these types is the Buddhist meditation. Have you tried it before? Buddhist meditation is a type of meditation that can be used to bring the mind to a meditative state, which can be done with the focus directed to Buddha.
Chakra Meditation

Chakras are energy centers or energy openings residing in our body that control the flow and distribution of energy. It is said that an imbalance in one of the chakras may result to problems in an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
Guided Meditation

Guided meditation could be in a form of a meditation guide script played on a recorder where you listen to the speaker guiding you step by step in meditating. You listen to his/her instructions to meditate and you follow them.
Theta Meditation

The use of meditation to achieve a relaxed state of mind has already been proven time and again. Apart from achieving optimal health benefits, meditation can also provide blissfulness and true happiness. Theta meditation is one type of meditation that deals with achieving eternal happiness.
Meditation Music

Meditation music is used to help enhance concentration and focus. For beginners and others who have a hard time attaining absolute silence during meditation, the use of meditation music can be a great tool.

Before one can sit down and start meditating, there are four important things to be considered first;

One is to look for a quite place to meditate. A noisy place is not conducive for meditation and will only disturb you every now and then. You will find it hard to set your mind to its relaxed state if you can hear noises.

Second is to bring with you either a mat or foam for you to use to sit down with to make yourself comfortable. You will have a hard time concentrating if you are not comfortable with your position.

Third is to start loosening up your muscles to relax your body and start detaching yourself from your surroundings. This makes your body lighter and relaxed. After the body relaxes, it is now time for the mind to do its own relaxation and this is when meditation starts. If you are the type of person who does humming or chanting when doing meditation, then you can do it.

This is the fourth thing to be considered; having your own mantra to focus on as to try to meditate.

When you are done with your meditation, try not to stand right away so as not to fall. Your body is still in its lighter state for a couple of minutes after meditation. Just remain in your position and let a few more minutes pass by to help your body as well as your eyes be reacquainted again with your surrounding.

Performing meditation is helpful. It relaxes our body and our mind. It brings peacefulness and a lighter feeling. When everything in our surrounding seems to be chaotic we can always slip into meditation to calm and relax our mind. In a way, meditation can be our own little escape paradise when chaos seems to break our defenses down. It can be our shield, our refuge when we feel violated by chaotic circumstances in our own surroundings.