Chakra Opening Meditation

There are times when you become too stressed and fatigued over everyday things and eventually experience health problems such as headache, stomachache, body pains, muscle tensions, to name a few. These health problems might have been due to your body chakras being blocked when you experience stress and fatigue, creating an imbalance in your state of health.

Benefits of chakra meditation

Chakra opening meditation allows the continuous flow of energy in and out of the body through the portals located on the different parts of the body that keeps balance to your health and well being. Unblocked portals result to good harmony and balance of energy within your body.

About each chakra in detail

The body is composed of seven chakras, each corresponding to energy centers in specific parts of your body, and each associated with its own colors. These include:

1. Crown (Shasrara): This is located at the top of the head and is violet in color.
2. Between the Brows/Pineal Gland/Third Eye (Ajna): This is located in the third eye and is indigo blue in color.
3. Throat (Vishudda): This throat chakra is pale blue in color.
4. Heart (Anahata): This is colored emerald green and is located in the heart.
5. Navel (Manipura): This is golden yellow in color and located in the solar plexus.
6. Sacral (Svadisthana): This is located in the lower abdomen and colored orange.
7. Root (Muladhara): This is found at the base of the spine and red in color.

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Performing chakra opening meditation is effective in unblocking chakras in order for energy to regularly flow in and out of the body without problems thereby maintaining a well-balanced state of health. Once all the body chakras are unblocked and normally functioning, you will be able to experience a healthy body and mind state.

If you want to begin practicing chakra opening meditation, it is advisable to look for a quiet place where there are no noise disturbances. It is also important that you wear comfortable clothes when you start the meditation.

In practicing the chakra opening meditation, you can do it either lying down or in a sitting position, or whichever is comfortable for you. Correct breathing must be observed as breathing method is important in performing meditation such as the chakra opening meditation. Breathing should be in a rhythmic pace and not forced. When you start opening the chakra, you need to visualize a glowing light emanating from each of the chakra, which then becomes even brighter as you try harder focusing on it.

Simple exercise to open chakras

You can start the chakra opening meditation either from the root chakra or the crown chakra. These are two different techniques that work differently for different people. So it’s better that you try both of them and decide which one is for you. The main and only difference between these techniques is a starting point, so first method offers to start form the top (Crown chakra) and meditate down to the bottom, while for other method the bottom chakra (Root) should be chosen and meditate up to the top. So for example if you start from the crown chakra, you have to start your focus on the violet-colored light and imagine it getting clearer until such time that you are already able to visualize the specific chakra and the energy flowing in and out of the body through that specific chakra, which is the crown chakra in this case. After performing the opening meditation with the crown chakra, you can already move on to the next chakra, the third eye chakra in blue color and start repeating the process until such time that you are already able to visualize energy flowing in and out. You then repeat the process with the remaining chakra until you are able to reach the root chakra, which is the last chakra.

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