Catholic Guided Meditation

In order to fight depression, fear, and uncertainty in our lives as Catholics, guided meditation can play a major and effective role. Catholic guided meditation has several primary goals: Experiencing a deeper, more fulfilled understanding of God’s presence through guided procedures in conjunction with disciplined and purposeful reflection.

Meditation, for Christians in general and Catholics in particular, is viewed as a special method of praying. Prayer simply brings one’s mind, soul, and spirit to God’s presence–to God Almighty himself. In prayer, words express thoughts out loud or silently, but meditation, instead of using thoughts, uses imagination.

To clarify, in general parlance, meditation is described as a mental discipline of setting the mind to its deeper state of relaxation, such as  the eastern religions, describing meditation as involving not thinking about things and exercising emptiness of the mind. Catholic meditation, however, is a very active mental activity-a type of prayer where the participant strives to reach the very roots and depths of God’s message to humanity. This means the best meditation will be based on The Holy Scripture and texts written when inspired by the Holy Bible.

Guided meditation takes a step further as it allows the thoughts and imagination step into a deep relaxed state by the means of purposeful reflection. For example, a six–part inspiration could be prepared each week containing a subject, one or two Bible verses and meditation over those particular verses. The guide is the subject or thoughts of that meditation. Here God’s help is received through the guided reflections, which, in turn, help us receive long–sought answers to our prayers.

Finally, as with any serious spiritual activity in life, guided meditation requires disciplined time. While regular prayer and Catholic Spoken Meditation can be done while on the go. Catholic guided meditation requires a special time; far from all the noise, bustle, and people choosing the early morning hours, especially if you live in a large family or with small children, in order to enjoy tranquillity and comfort. In order to keep your mind clear, fresh and alert–wherever thoughts can simply flow. Taking time to prepare a room for meditation could boost your experience. Although using the church is a good idea, meditation is likely best achieved at home.

The primary goals of Catholic Guided Meditation are as follows:

  • Experiencing a deep presence of God through guided procedures.
  • Gaining a better understanding of God through disciplined reflection.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of God’s truths.
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  • Developing our spiritual life through constant purposeful refection.
  • Growing our faith through guided reflection procedures.
  • Bringing full divine peace to our life.

Developing spiritual life brings full divine peace. Guided meditation provides an experience that is more fulfilling, and deeper in accomplishing an understanding of God’s presence due to disciplined and purposeful reflection similar to that described above. Take another step in your spiritual journey. Draw close to God. He will draw close to you.

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