Buddhist Meditation For Beginners

The practice of meditation is now becoming popular. There are now more than a couple of meditation methods that people can choose from when it comes to what meditation technique to use. One of these meditation techniques is the Buddhist meditation.

In Buddhism, meditation is one of its core elements and is considered to be essential in achieving enlightenment. This aims to develop full consciousness of everything around you and also aims at reducing cravings of material things. Buddhist meditation aims to eliminate the five obstacles of concentration, which can include (a) sensual desire, (b) hatred/anger, (c) laziness, (d) restlessness/worry, and (e) doubt.

Beginners of Buddhist meditation should be aware of the two techniques or methods used in Buddhism meditation and these include:

1. Samatha Method: Samatha is performed to develop tranquility and is considered the tranquility meditation. This method is performed to train the mind to concentrate. In performing this method, the mind is trained to concentrate on a particular object for a long period of time. This method is also used to develop your inner strength. People practicing the Samatha method experience happiness in the present life, a favorable rebirth, and freedom from material cravings and worldly things. In this method, the mind becomes completely blank and free from any obstacles.
2. Vipassana Method: Vipassana is known as the meditation of insight. It is aimed at helping individuals realize the important truths. Using this method provides realization of three things: (a) impermanence, (b) suffering, and (c) non-self.

There are several cases when practitioners perform a combination of these two methods. Most of the time, the people practicing Samatha methods eventually move on to practice Vipassana after.

Beginners wanting to practice Buddhist meditation should first be aware of the teachings of the Great Buddha in order to fully understand and appreciate the Buddhist meditation in general. Having this understanding of the teachings of Buddha will make it easier to fully grasp the purpose of performing Buddhist meditation.

As with the practice of other meditation methods, beginners who want to practice Buddhist meditation should also exhibit willingness, determination, and dedication in learning the method. Performing Buddhist meditation will be able to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle that is free from any harmful vices.

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In Buddhist meditation, the practitioner is provided the chance to have complete control over the mind. Practicing Buddhist meditation regularly will let your mind be free of fear and you will eventually achieve a more relaxed state of mind, which in turn will lead to a healthier body and enlightened soul.

Coping with everyday stress and problems can be difficult for some people and some may even find it unbearable to a certain point. Thus for most, a quiet vacation is sought just to be able to relax the mind and the body from all the negative energies brought about by stress. However, people should also be aware that the need to have a relaxed mind and body cannot only be achieved with having a vacation. There is even a more effective way of relaxing the body and mind and it is through meditation, particularly Buddhist meditation.

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