Yoga has been in practice for thousands of years. In the Indian sub-continent, yoga actually refers to a complete methodology of life which pertains to both body and mind. The essence of yoga is meditation – for attaining mental peace and tranquility and physical sizes which discipline the human body. Since early ages yoga has been popular in ancient religions such as Buddhism where meditation attained a special significance with unique techniques adopted. These techniques are still in practice and are gaining recognition in all parts of the world day by day.

Yoga also takes special place in religion of Hinduism as it forms part of the basic philosophy. Hindu text is full of references regarding various facets of yoga eulogizing its importance to adopt the path of divinity. Jainism expresses yoga as an all embracing act which covers all aspects of human faculty such as oratory physical and mental as well.

Benefits Of Yoga

The innumerable and countless benefits of Yoga become evident in a very short span of time from the start time. Yoga is considered by many as an extremely powerful and quick fix solution to regain physical and mental fitness.
Yoga For Beginners

Beginners of yoga practice have to bear in mind that yoga deals with physical discipline, which means that it uses body movements and postures all throughout the practice.
Yoga Daily Exercises

The day can have a beautiful start if Yoga is made part of the morning activities. In this case, the body is very relaxed and the mind is also fresh, and so is the spirit.
Yoga For Aches And Pains

Yoga is a traditional discipline that is helpful in easing aches and pains in the muscles or throughout the body. It is designed to address several types of physical problems that the body may encounter.
Yoga For Weight Loss

Similar to other weight loss programs out there, yoga also involves the use of exercises and balanced nutritional meals. However unlike the others, yoga uses meditation and tries to maximize it for better results.
Yoga During Pregnancy

Doing yoga during pregnancy can be beneficial in a way that it can help you adjust to the physical demands of pregnancy. During pregnancy, pregnant women undergo sudden changes physically, mentally, and emotionally and doing yoga can be of great help in dealing with these changes.

The History Of Yoga

Historically speaking yoga dates back to pre Christian era or even pre Buddha era as its assanas or postures were found engraved on walls of ancient caves and archaeological discoveries in Indus valley civilization also confirmed this very fact.
The Buddhist meditation techniques however, are thought to be the first documented form which elaborated the practices adopted at the time of Buddha and even before as well. Disciples of Buddha extensively practised yoga in order to enhance spiritual state, mental toughness, and physical rigidness which enabled them to withstand the rigors of living in mountains and travelling far across the deserts. Archaeological sites in Taxila, Pakistan bear testimony to this fact.

Why Is Yoga So Popular

The west has rightfully adopted yoga as a panacea to most of the physical, social and spiritual ills. People are using it to obtain best possible physical results. Different exercises which are part of the yoga assanas are used to control blood sugar, cholesterol level, relieving pain in different parts of the body, strengthening muscles, and ease up the body muscles etc.

Because of huge positive impact on human body and soul, yoga rapidly became popular in west countries especially in U.S. As described, meditation brings calm and tranquility which is most needed in the turbulent society these days. Depression, sleepless nights, anxiety and all other related ills that have become part and of the social setup, can easily be encountered through adoption Yoga and meditation.

Yoga clubs have, over the years, gained huge popularity, because a systematic training is essential in yoga. These have especially proved quite useful to the people who are either spiritually troubled or have psychological problems related to their gender, age, caste, creed etc. Interestingly, most of the prominent personalities of show business are regular disciples of this effective practice as they have found it extremely useful in maintaining their physical fitness as well as mental strength to cope with all types of situations. It is important to get some knowledge about yoga before practicing it, because some yoga exercises can be too difficult for beginners as wrong postures can result in stiffening of the body muscles instead of relaxing.