Yoga Exercises For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most anticipated phases in a woman’s life. During this time, aside from the joy and happiness that the woman experiences because of finally having a baby, the woman also experiences fear of the risks that goes with the pregnancy. It is during this period that a woman experiences changes physically, emotionally, and mentally as a new life inside the womb begins to grow.

During pregnancy, a lot of pregnant women turn to yoga because of the benefits that it can provide. Yoga can be helpful in dealing with the changes that a women experiences during pregnancy. The practice of yoga can help minimize symptoms of pregnancy, which can include morning sickness, constipation, and cramps. Yoga can also help the pregnant woman have an easier labor and smooth delivery. Aside from the yoga postures, the breathing techniques in yoga can also help during labor and delivery.

For pregnant women, there are yoga poses/postures that can be performed to help in dealing with pregnancy symptoms. Performing these yoga postures can ease delivery and promote faster recovery after giving birth as well. Some of these yoga postures that pregnant women can perform include:

1.  Mountain Pose (Tadasana): This pose promotes relaxation of the body and strength.
2. Warrior Pose: This stretches and strengthens the extremities, increases stamina, and improves balance and concentration. Doing this pose can also relieve backaches.
3. Seated Forward Bend (Paschimothanasana): This posture relaxes mind and body at the same time stretches the hamstrings, shoulders, and spine. This can also be performed to relieve stress and improve posture and concentration.
4. Standing Side Stretch Pose: This stretches the upper extremities and promotes flexibility of the hips.
5. Spread Leg Forward Fold (Upavista Konasana): This works primarily on the hamstrings and adductors. Doing this pose also energizes the body and promotes inner calmness.
6. Cat-cow Pose (Bidalasana): This pose coordinates body movement and breath.
7. Tree Yoga Pose: This pose helps strengthen the lower extremities as well as the back. It also increases flexibility of the hips and groin.
8. Shoulder Lifts and Neck Exercises: Just raise your shoulder and drop it, then raise another shoulder and drop it, then raise both shoulders and drop them. Simple, but helpful – this pose eases neck and shoulder tension and headache. Flexibility and muscle toning are also enhanced when doing this posture.
9. Hero Pose (Virasana): This yoga posture strengthens the lower extremities and improves posture.
10. Corpse Pose: This promotes relaxation of the whole body.
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Yoga in general is safe to perform, however in some instances, such as during pregnancy, only some of these yoga poses/postures such as the ones included in the list can be performed in order to avoid any complications. Aside from easing body tensions, yoga can also provide calmness of the mind, which can also be helpful in dealing with the stress and emotional/mood swings that a women experiences during pregnancy. To sum it all up, the role that yoga plays during pregnancy period helps women approach their conditions with relaxed body and mind and free from any stress that might cause harm to the pregnancy.

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