Yoga Exercises To Relieve Headaches

Headache is a very common occurrence we experience every now and then.  Several things may trigger the occurrence of headache such as muscle tension, stress, depression, anxiety, weather changes, light, change in sleeping habits or not enough sleep, and some medications.

For some people, taking medication at the first sign of headache has become a habit in order for the headache not to become worse.  While this is a quick response to preventing the condition from getting any worse, a problem lies in it.  There are cases when the condition will return or recur when the effect of the medication wear off, thus experiencing what is called a rebound headache.

There are some people though who prefer not to treat the headache with medications but instead use some forms of treatment exercises or meditations to fight it.  An example of this treatment exercise is the yoga.  Yoga is a discipline that deals with the body and mind connection.  Yoga is an effective form of treatment exercise because it deals not only with the body but the whole being; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is like an all-round treatment because it involves not only the poses/postures and the introduction of nutritional meals for the body but also meditation for the mind as well as breathing exercises.  It can be considered a therapeutic tool to relieving headaches.

There are several yoga treatment postures/poses that can be performed to relieve headache and some of these include:

1.     Alternate Nostril Breathing:  This restores balance to the energy system providing release and calmness, thereby relieving headache. You can read more about it here.

2.     Neck Stretches:  These ease tension in the neck and helps take away neck stiffness, which can cause headaches.

3.     Baby Pose:  In this posture, the gentle flow of extra blood to the head helps relieve tension.
4.     Cat Pose:  In this posture, tension from the neck and back is released thereby relieving headache.
5.     Shoulder Stand:  The extra flow of blood to the brain during this pose can relieve headache. There are more poses, where you can get that extra boold flow, such as legs up the wall, so choose the most comfortable for you. The most important aspect is blood circulation in your head, not a pose.
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The list above is just some of the yoga treatment postures than one can perform in order to alleviate symptoms of headaches or prevent headache from occurring.  There are still several yoga postures that can be performed in order to relieve headaches.

It is said that the body has a natural way of coping with illnesses, and this is where yoga draws its principles from.  Yoga enhances the body’s coping abilities making the body’s immunity system stronger.  The practice of yoga helps in alleviating symptoms of illnesses or prevents the illnesses from occurring.  On the whole, not only are the headaches reduced when doing the yoga but the body will also feel revitalized and refreshed all over and all these without the side effects that drug medication may produce.  Through yoga, the body can even feel stronger flow of energy acting as shields to any illness that might occur next time.

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