How Fracking Effects the Environment

The oil and gas industry has been expanding consistently for decades due, in part, to the advances in technology in the processes of extracting, transporting and delivering the commodities. One of the most-discussed relatively new techniques is hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking. This extraction process combines chemicals (often dangerous ones) with large amounts of […]

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personal investments

Choosing Investment Strategies That Are Right for You

Nothing is more important to long-term investment success than a clear investment philosophy. And nothing is more controversial. There are, no doubt, numerous investment philosophies and countless investment strategies. Investors and investment professionals attempt to protect themselves with philosophies aimed at extracting gains while normalizing the risks inherent in the market. Yet, we all know […]

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business finances

Financial Concerns and Challenges Business Owners Face

As many business owners painfully discover, successfully building their enterprise does not always directly translate into successfully building their personal wealth. Especially given day-to-day business demands, it is easy to lose sight of the ultimate business’s purpose, which is enhancing the owner’s personal wealth. Converting a business into a wealth enhancement vehicle requires ongoing concerted, […]

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